Eiffel Tower History And Wonders of The World In Urdu یفل ٹاور کی تاریخ

Eiffel tower is a beautiful place in city Paris in France for tourist, its a 7 wonders of the world and we share history of Eiffel tower in Language for tourists. its a tallest building in the world at one time. it is 324 meters tall and it was named Gustave Eiffel engineer of the Eiffel tower who designed and built.

Eiffel tower was completed in 1889, it was built in commemoration of French Revolution.Every Year millions of tourist visit this place and its very famous site in Paris.

Eiffel tower is 276 meters of the ground and the visitors can use the lift for  the building portions. Eiffel tower  are three level for visitors, Restaurant on the first and second level, on the third level for observatory’s upper platform. the restaurant area of the Eiffel are always open for the visitor but third level close for tourist. visitors can enjoy the beauty around the Eiffel tower from the height. At the south tower base a ticket booth sells ticket. There is beautiful vast area around the Eiffel Tower, where the visitors can sit and exchange their views with their friends and families.

There are lots of facilities for visitors such as beautiful and impressive places, hotels, buildings, shops and restaurant around the Eiffel tower. so its very attractive and romantic place for tourists and many visitor beloved to visit Eiffel tower with friends and families. if you can read Eiffel tower history in Urdu language then you read image for Eiffel tower duniya ka 7 ajooba ajua.

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